Mechanical load lifting

Challenges for Mechanical load lifting

Load lifting, which is an act to oppose gravitational pull towards the centre of the earth, attempted manually or by deploying mechanized means with or without prime mover, remains a very hazardous activity. It claims a large share of accidents at workplace. Correct lifting can move large objects efficiently whereas incorrect lifting can lead to disastrous accidents.

intelligent automation

Searching for intelligent automation

The traditional model of feeding large data sets into a machine learning ‘cycle’ to curate intelligence and in its later stages provide us with advice, narrative or point of reference, hangs on the ledge with ‘our’ data sets. But instead of making the often-discussed point on AI topics, let us make the case of biology for automation, a cellular automaton.

safety decision

Data driven safety decision-making

Customised EHS software allow businesses and organizations to create data pivots based on their work environment. These so called data pivots are nothing but smaller built-in data ‘flows and interactions’ that can be measured. Measured as per industry prescribed standards and be moulded into what organizations call, standard procedures.

Environmental impact

Environmental impact of urban decay

Urban decay is defined as occupied sites related to commercial or industrial activity. Due to the nature of activities – manufacturing, production, storage and similar commercial interests, they have a higher chance of polluting its vicinity and site itself. For example, large scale commercial garages store and discharge hazardous fluids.

Oxygen Parks

Oxygen Parks – Green lungs for cities

India follows one of the most stringent criteria to define urbanization. But as most of us would agree, it has been part of an upward trend. Formal city limits have started extending or the construction activities which determine where people can live have started spreading. Population growth has meant that the resources allocated are stretched.