Outsourcing to Safety partners

Outsourcing to reliable Safety partners?

The regulations can change but good service models allow for such changes to be attuned within the EHS or OHS regimen – via tools such as change management and employing better learning aids like animation and e-Learning. Safety cannot be limited by stringent criteria that can stand to harm the integrity of operations.

E waste management in India

Personal computers were the flag bearer of the revolution then. And with over 1.03 billion mobile phone subscribers, mobile telephony is leading it now. “Digital and digitalization” have become the buzzword as newer technologies and the rise of social media brings our nation together. But have you ever wondered about the curious case of e-waste?

Climate Change

Combating Climate Change

The consumptive attitude of modern city dwellers understands only convenience and is willing to pay a price. However, our monetary resources will fall woefully short as global warming progresses changing the very environment we knew as habitable – unleashing significantly warmer climates, depleted glaciers and an ecosystem thrown into chaos.