Occupational role in infection

Occupational role in shaping infections

Occupational centres, occupation and trade remains central to this theme of how modern emerging infections are being shaped. As you read these lines, a business executive sick with influenza can travel via airports, local transit systems and cab rides creating an infectious trail for weakened immune systems to fight.

positive safety culture

Transitioning to a positive safety culture

Organizational approach towards safety serves as a baseline as the leaders strive to translate the safety lessons into practical procedures to optimize quality engagement. The emphasis lies on increasing the frequency of safety-related behavior and decrease occurrences of at-risk behavior.

Nurturing human capital

Nurturing human capital for an economy

Human capital is one of the key drivers for sustained economic growth. Investing in human capital is often perceived as high-cost with indeterminate returns. A major human capital investment is under-appreciated as it is difficult to quantify Return of Investment in these cases.

digital twins

Vision for EHS digital twins?

Digital twins for EHS systems are already in place, however, their inter-dependent and co-dependent lifecycle pivot masks their appearance. Several IoT devices chained as reporting beacons for emission performance to wear & tear monitoring are a simple example.