Rising Opportunities for HSE professionals in India

The recent OECD economic surveys 2017 report, placed India as the fastest growing economy among G20 nations at a growth rate of 7.5%. This outlook and overall boost has been entailed in the tax reforms and through the ease of doing business. However, India’s organized sector only accounts for about 16% of its total working population.

Importance of visitor induction

As an eager 19 year old undergraduate student of biotechnology embarking on an industrial visit to Pondicherry; I was eager to learn about the fermentation processes and how the final products are rolled out of a private distillery.

Near-miss reporting – Promoting proactive safety culture

Every day we experience near-misses in our home and work life. Your kids might knock you while you are carrying a hot cup of coffee but you somehow avoid spilling it on one of them. You trip over pipes lying across the path and narrowly avoid falling onto some shelving units which could have tumbled onto one of your colleagues.

Deepawali Get together at ASK-EHS

Deepawali, the festival of light brought the same influence and energy to the doorsteps of ASK-EHS family located here in Surat. A normal office with several divisions who coordinate with each other over their line of work were transformed into a chirpy and excited lot coordinating over decorations and festivities.

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