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From Expected to Extraordinary!

Every living thing on this planet is expected to grow. Whether its trees, animals, birds or human beings, giving it due care, nourishment and attention will (expectedly) allow it to grow. But how does anything go from expected to extraordinary?

Innocence Lost: Imagining Is Believing

A 7-year old girl, Chloe Bridgewater is making waves in news. This young kid from the United Kingdom penned down a most adorable letter to tech giant Google. With her heart set on working with Google, she took the opportunity and courage to represent her.

Her Intuition for Risk Assessment: HIRA in A New Light

(Tribute to All Mothers)

So, last Sunday, I was forced to take my kids to a park, the brief was to spend some time with them! An age-old story for which you all know, how it ends. I had to take up the job, so I said yes. Few minutes later, my wife said she is also going to go along. Again, no prizes for guessing, I had to say yes.

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