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Optimizing Electrical Energy Management Nationally and Inter-Nationally

1. Out of all the forms of energy available to mankind, electrical energy is the most preferred one, because of its neat and clean form, easy tapping for any utilization, smooth regulation, reliable control, correct measurement and profitable automation…etc. This aspect prompts engineers, scientists and even common users to convert several forms of energy into Electrical type and then utilize it in civilian life and various industries, including Agriculture sector.

2. Looking at the adverse side of electricity, besides being highly hazardous to human life, body and property, it has no scope for storage, except in batteries to a very limited extent, forcing the users to utilize it immediately on its generation.

Work at Height – An Important Task, But Needs Due Care

When at height, potential energy is acquired and the object is on a lookout to fall. It is with human being too, but it can be very risky for him –even fatal. Hence, all-out efforts needed to secure his body at height, arrest the fall if he slips and take all measures for his rescue and well-being. Let us study its pros and cons and take positive measures to ensure safety.

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