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Scaffolding Management System is no more an Unskilled Job

Scaffolding is a term mainly used in the construction or heavy infrastructure industry.

Scaffold is a temporary means of support required whenever working at height. It is a framework wherein a worker may position himself, place tools and materials and perform the job. Scaffolds are mainly required during operation, maintenance, servicing and on many other occasions. Structural support in the form of a stable and strong scaffold is a necessity during project execution, right from the time of excavation, foundation laying, erection of structures, equipment installation etc. .

Our client (Jurong Engineering Ltd. – Singapore) visits ASK-EHS Premises

Jurong Engineering Ltd. and ASK-EHS team

Jurong Engineering Limited (JEL) is a recognized leading engineering and construction company based in Singapore, with multifaceted project management capability and a strong diverse workforce of various disciplines and nationalities. We had the privilege of playing hosts to two senior executives from Jurong Engineering Limited (JEL) who took time out from their busy schedules to visit our company premises.

Measure Productivity of your Scaffolding Operations

Scaffolding operations entail many complex but mandatory safety processes that have contributed to losses in kind and cash if not followed accurately. One of the major challenge faced by authorities is that of identifying whether resources (both man & material) are being used efficiently.

Owing to its complex nature of operations, authorities face a huge challenge of monitoring and measuring activities at multiple scaffolding sites in a single project. It becomes difficult to have a physical presence at each working site within a given area / location just to monitor activity. Owing to this, it is difficult to identify whether the teams that have been allocated to a particular project are working as expected. Similarly, it becomes extremely difficult to monitor material used in a single scaffolding site.

How Capturing Visual Images has helped Scaffolding Operations

An estimated 2.3 million construction workers (roughly 65% of the entire construction industry), work on or with scaffolds*. Observers would agree that scaffolding operations involve a complex asset base of resources (both man and material). Moreover, scaffolding operations entail many complex but mandatory safety processes that have contributed to losses in kind and cash if not followed accurately.

One clear observation in scaffolding operations is the need for identifying work sites and its complexities. Any normal scaffold cycle would include requests, permits, multiple approval points, certificates, maintaining of records and multiple communication with authorities at different levels. Most of these systems are paper driven and hence lack the accuracy that minute detailing can provide.

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